What is Headline

Headline is an experiment in decentralized journalism. We are creating a Nounish Media DAO to fund crypto journalists.

Whereas Nouns focused attention + ETH around the ⌐◨-◨, we aim to focus attention + ETH around the creation of crypto journalism.



Q: How does the editorial process work?
A: The DAO has no core team, editorial board, or fact-checking board. Our sole editorial/curatorial mechanism is our token holders’ ability to vote on which journalists we fund. Traditional editing and fact checking is the responsibility of the funded party
Q: How do I get funded to create content?
A: The DAO holds regular Prop House rounds to fund crypto journalists. Anyone, regardless of journalistic experience, is invited to apply. Submitting to one of these rounds is the easiest way to get funded. Alternatively, you can make an on-chain proposal directly to the DAO.
Q: What forms of media will Headline fund?
A: There is no DAO level restriction on the type of media you can pitch the DAO on creating so long as it relates to crypto journalism. This means anything from a long form article to a Tiktok are all equally in bounds.
Q: Will the DAO have a centralized collection of funded content?
A: No. Writers are in charge of their own distribution. We encourage the community to build a diverse array of clients if they so choose.
Q: What does 'crypto journalism' mean exactly?
A: By design it's left somewhat vague. Crypto journalism is whatever it means to the token holders in this DAO. Our hope as founders is that by not being overly prescriptive the community will create things far beyond what we could imagine.
Q: Is there a founders reward?
A: No.
Q: How frequently are tokens auctioned?
A: One token. Everyday. Forever.
Q: How do I join the DAO?
A: Anyone who holds a Headline token is a member of the DAO. 1 Headline = 1 vote on how our treasury is allocated.