HeadlineDAO is an experiment in collective media creation.We will use the Nouns mechanism + Prop House to fund crypto-focused journalism.


Incentives matter everywhere and journalism is no different. Given recent events (Block revelations , NYT SBF coverage ) we wondered if we can’t use the incentive engineering powers of crypto to find a better path.


⌐◨-◨We will form a Nounish Media DAO to focus ETH and attention around the idea of decentralized-crypto journalism.

The DAO can allocate funds however its members see fit. That said, here is one vision:

  • The DAO is a thin, dumb layer. It’s only job is to focus ETH + attention and distribute that to deserving writers
  • No core team, DAO level editorial board, etc. That responsibility is on the funded parties
  • Quality over quantity. We are not a daily publication. We publish only when we have something of substance to say.
  • Majority of treasury goes to Prop House rounds where we fund 1 story per ETH lot. We should aim to pay top of market.
  • Writers don’t necessarily pitch stories. They can, but they can also just pitch themselves + potentially a rough direction
  • No “official” website for all HeadlineDAO content. Writers own distribution
  • Our only ask of writers to make great content and clearly incorporate HeadlineDAO branding

The Details

HeadlineDAO will have no founder's reward.

For security purposes we will retain a founder veto but pledge to only use this power if treasury funds are at risk.